There is an ever growing number of factors that can help a web page to rank highly on the search engine result pages. SEO can be split into two disciplines: on-page and technical. For the purposes of this blog, we're going to be discussing some SEO best practises for on-page SEO, in particular with keywords.

Keywords on a web page are one way that a search engine will categorise a page and determine where it will rank in the results. These are words or phrases that users might be searching for and it's important that you include them on your page. 

Here are four tips for where to include keywords on your web page:

Title tag

This is an HTML element that gives your page a specific title that will be used in a variety places. This is what will show up as the title for the page in the search engine result pages, for example. It's one of the most important places to make sure you include your keyword as when people search online they are much more likely to click on a page that has the exact title they searched. 

Importance of using targeted keywords in your page title tag and URL

Page URL 

If possible then SEO best practise dictates that you should try to include your keyword in the URL for the page. Not only that, the hierarchy of your URLs is also very important, so try to make sure that they follow a logical and easy to follow URL path. 

Page content

A good web page should have informative and valuable content for visitors to read. It's important that you include your chosen keywords within the content of the page. Depending on how much content there is you may want to even include them a number of times. Just be careful not to overuse them, as you can be penalised if the search engines think that you're stuffing keywords. 

Image alt text

Each image in your page should have alt text attributed to it - this is simply a description of what the image is. As search engines can only read text and not images, this is the only way a search engine can gain context of the images on your page. Try to write a clear and informative alt text description that includes your keyword(s).

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