There can't be anyone in business today who is not exploiting social media to market their product or service. Even so, not everyone is getting the full benefit of their social media presence. According to Social Media Examiner, while about 96% of marketers are involved in social media, 85% of that group are uncertain as to which tools to use.

That may also be a question of time, of course, and that is where outsourcing to the professionals pays dividends. As you concentrate on delivering a service or developing a product, eBuild Web Solutions can provide a system called eBuildCMS, which automatically cascades your blog posts and other news to your different social media platforms keeping your clients constantly in the loop. 

So, it is worth refreshing our memory about the considerable benefits of social media to maximise your marketing potential. No matter how big - or small - your business, everyone needs social media to promote the name and image of your brand and business. It is the ideal place to build relationships with your customers, informing and updating them concerning the evolution of your goods and services.

Being an interactive medium, you are able to get feedback concerning what customers think of and expect from your business; engage with them and enhance your own and your company's relationship with them as well as convert visiting 'passers-by' into new customers. More than 51% of marketers say that developing relationships with consumers paid off in conversion to sales.

developing relationships with consumers paid off in conversions to sales

make sure eCommerce sites are mobile friendlyThe advantages of social media include: a broad reach - 91% of marketers claimed that their social marketing efforts greatly increased their exposure and better focus as most social media permit businesses to target specific groups, even in selected locations. It is fast, too as average response times are as little as three seconds!

With the benefit of professional assistance, you can make profitable use of online technology to achieve greater impact, which includes developing apps for mobile devices; modifying websites to ensure they work effectively on mobile devices and offering customers the option and means of paying online. Today, more than ever, social media matters.

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