Consumer behaviour is constantly changing, which means website design and digital marketing tactics have to change in order to reflect the consumer’s behavioural changes.

With everything moving so fast, how can you keep on top of the latest website design trends? We’re sharing our top three website design trends for 2017

1. Fewer stock photos to reinforce authenticity

How many times have you visited a website to be met by a stock photo of an office full of people who clearly don’t work at that company – particularly when they’re nowhere to be found on the company’s team page? Using authentic images of your company or having your images designed from scratch paints your company as trustworthy and personable.

Consumers are becoming ever more savvy to stock images and they’re now much more perceptive than ever.

Why is this trend going to be big in 2017? Consumers are becoming ever more savvy to stock images and they’re now much more perceptive than ever. Reinforcing trust through the seemingly insignificant use of natural images can help build a connection between your company and the customer.

2. Long-scrolling websites

According to Shopify, mobile now accounts for 50.3% of all eCommerce traffic! With more and more customers accessing websites on mobile devices, the need for cleaner and easier user experience becomes more prevalent. You need to simplify your website experience; if you’re making your users jump from page to page to find what they want, the chances of them converting are a lot slimmer than if you’d just had a simple, yet effective, long-scrolling website.

So, why is this trend going to be big in 2017? Google now favours mobile friendly design experiences, so with companies panicking about losing rankings on the Google search engine results pages (SERPs), everyone will be stepping up to the mobile-friendly plate!

3. Bold typography

There has been an increase in the number of companies turning to large, bold font designs to draw the user into their site, encouraging them to explore. What better call-to-action than a large, hard-to-get-away from bolded message? When this bold typography is surrounded by the artistic use of whitespace or ‘dead space’, the user’s eyes can’t help but become captured by the large lettered message.

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Why will this trend be big in 2017? Minimal website design coupled with large and impactful messages have been popping up all over the Internet, and with the design focused on the mobile user - bigger and clearer messages are becoming increasingly popular.

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