eBuildCMS Content Management System

eBuildCMS is an powerful easy to use Content Management System (CMS) across all your mobile platforms. Unlike other CMS software, eBuildCMS automatically updates to the latest version to keep the software fresh and current. We handle the hassle of server maintenance, hosting, and updates so you don’t have to.


Responsive LayoutResponsive Layout

The website layout adapts to the Screen size of whatever device your visitors are using. This way you offer the best possible Web experience to your users, visitor and customers.


eBuildCMS Amazing admin areaAmazing admin area

eBuildCMS comes with an amazing admin area that lets you do modifications without any coding knowledge. Change content, layout and navigation at any time to the way you want.


Social Media CascadingSocial Media Cascading

eBuildCMS comes with the ability to automatically cascade your news information automatically across your social media sites.


Search Engine OptimisedSearch Engine Optimised

eBuildCMS is built with SEO best practices in mind, so everything is prepared for you, to increase traffic to your site. And if you want to fine-tune it even more, it gives you the ability to adjust Meta data and SEO friendly URLs.


Editing page content

eBuildCMS will allow the user to upload content in a easy to use responsive (mobile friendly) interface. Content updates are recorded as revisions so that a user can go back on previous versions in the case of a user deleting important content. Each revision gives the time, date and user that made the change. Changes to Published content can be saved in a draft version, without effecting the live content on the website. When the user republishes the page, this new content will be displayed on the live website. The page content can also be marked as Public, Private or Password protected depending on the nature of the content.

Plus we offer a ton of tools and features to help your website business thrive. Our website tools are so easy to use, you can manage your website in a heart beat, saving you precious time so you can get back to doing what you love.


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